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William Gheen

William Gheen Stop Illegal Immigration William Gheen is known nationally as the President and founder of ALIPAC or Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee found on the web at

William Gheen has participated in hundreds of talk radio shows and has appeared many times on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and CBS in an effort to advocate secure borders and immigration enforcement.

William started ALIPAC in 2004 and soon left his primary employment, as a campaign consultant, to dedicate all of his time to the group in 2006. William Gheen is also known for his stints on the Sgt-At-Arms staff and as a Legislative Assistant and sometimes Lobbyist for the North Carolina General Assembly, where many of his prior clients work.

William Gheen has over 40 campaigns of experience and has managed or consulted campaigns for public office on every level, except for US Senate and President.

Mr. Gheen is known nationally for his motto, "It is going to take Americans of every race, political party, and walk of life working together to address America's illegal immigration crisis". This inclusive approach has resulted in over 20% of ALIPAC's supporters classifying as minorities.

William Gheen worked for the Democrats for eight years (1992-2000) and the Republicans for eight years (2000-2008). He now considers himself an independent. He is dedicated to the will of the American majority, who feel both parties have failed the public on essential policy matters.

William Gheen attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and East Carolina University (ECU) where he graduated as Sr. Class President in 1995. During college, he worked as a volunteer on many civil rights campaigns and was credited with registering thousands of minorities, youth, and elderly voters to vote. He coordinated two Rock The Vote concerts and engaged in voter transportation to the polls each election day.

After graduation, William Gheen, worked professionally to help elect some of the first women and minorities, to elected office in Eastern, NC.

William Gheen left the NC Democratic Party after serving as a statewide officer and discovering rampant corruption and abuse of power. A few years later, the public would learn this, as many high level Democrats were convicted and sent to prison for corruption.

As a Republican, William Gheen worked with lawmakers and candidates to try to make North Carolina into a true two party system.

William Gheen now considers himself an Independent, which better helps him represent the Americans who want action on important issues such as illegal immigration, taxes, privacy, civil rights, self governance, and sovereignty.

In recent years, William Gheen has enjoyed rising support and public approval, after defeating a bill that would give illegal aliens in-state tuition in NC. William has also exposed leftist groups like the SPLC, ADL, La Raza (NCLR) and Media Matters, which have been caught lying to the media and public trying to falsely claim anyone who stands against illegal immigration is somehow related to the KKK.

William Gheen is dedicated to the restoration of the American Republic and the Rule of Law. The self governance of American citizens is at stake, as our popularly supported modern immigration laws go un-enforced at the behest of global financial interests and radical leftist groups.

If you would like to contact William Gheen or learn more about him and ALIPAC, please visit



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You can find out more about Mr. William Gheen at his web site

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